Salam – Religion Portal & Mosque Finder [Nulled] Download

Salam - Religion Portal & Mosque Finder by DirectoryThemes

    We are proud to introduce to you Salam, a Religion Portal u0026amp; Mosque Finder HTML Template that offers wide range of options u0026amp; features that makes it ideal to illustrate a listing of Mosques, Sermons (Khutba), Coran/Koran Recitation u0026amp; Multimedia, Donation u0026amp; Fundraising, Hadith u0026amp; Sunnah and much more Salam has been elaborated with a proper balance between esthetics, content and innovative features, all this withint a religious context Among the various options offered in Salam’s template we will draw your attention on the following special features: Mega Search with custom filters per category Fundraising widget with a breakdown of donations Hadith u0026amp; Sunnah optimized toggles Multiple Mosk page layouts (single page, with.

Download Salam – Religion Portal & Mosque Finder here