Yukon – Clean Hi-Res Admin Template

Yukon - Clean Hi-Res Admin Template by tzd

    Check out our new Scutum Admin Template Yukon Admin Template Yukon is a clean HTML5/CSS3 web app based on AngularJS Framework, ui-router (routing framework for AngularJS), Bootstrap Framework and jQuery, it’s easily customisable (less files), cross-browser compatible and works great on mobile devices.
  • Latest Update v1.
  • 6 (30.
  • 06.
  • 2015) [App|[HTML][update] Bootstrap (3.
  • 3.
  • 5) [App|[HTML][update] Print Frindly pages (invoice, form grid, charts etc.
  • ) [App][HTML][bug] JS/CSS minor fixes Features One page App (AngularJS) HTML/PHP Version Responsive Layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices) HTML5/CSS3 Hi-res ready Build with less Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3 Custom pages: Error 404, Mailbox, User Profile, User.

Download Yukon – Clean Hi-Res Admin Template here