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Eract - ReactJS Bootstrap 4 Admin Template by solutionportal

    Eract is react bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template based on ReactJS and facebook official create-react-app cli and webpack.
  • With built-in support for SASS preprocessor and other css preprocessor can be added via docs.
  • It doesn’t use any redux or flux implementation so that it’s easy to beginners to roll out of your choice.
  • Features Based on Bootstrap 4 and ReactJS Uses official create-react-app cli for build.
  • Ghost like navigation system Uses React Icons which support material icons, fontawesome and github typicons.
  • Written in ES6.
  • Uses React-Router for routing.
  • Cross Browser Support High Resolution Support Built with components in mind for modular structure.
  • Not using any redux or flux implementation.
  • Kept it simple for beginners.

Download Eract – ReactJS Bootstrap 4 Admin Template here