Explicita – Stylish & Explicit Landing Page (4in1)

Explicita - Stylish & Explicit Landing Page (4in1) by crozer

    The Explicita Landing Page offers a stylish, explicit, clean, professional and direct design.
  • It comes with 4 unique templates ready to use, or to use as a basis to create your very-own templates! Its solid and structured HTMLu0026amp;CSS code allows you to easily swap, modify and customize the templates however you want.
  • Each of the templates have a studied concept, goal, hierarchical order and design: The PreOrder, Buy, Cinema and Bundle templates have been uniquely developed so that they can be used for precise and specific uses.
  • Current version: 1.
  • 3 (July 12, 2015) Fixed prettyPhoto XSS bug Features —Overall: Guided help videos/screencasts Stylish, explicit, clean u0026amp; pixel-perfect design Solid HTML, C.

Download Explicita – Stylish & Explicit Landing Page (4in1) here