Grotte – A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme

Grotte - A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme by Burnhambox

    Grotte is a dedicated WooCommerce shopfront theme for who ever wants to add some sweetness and a bold memorable experience to their shopping sites.
  • With the brand new “Buy For Me” feature, Grotte helps you to create a massive impression on your visitors and also improve your marketing strategy.
  • We care about not only shop and product pages, but also the pages like My Account, Checkout and Cart.
  • You’ll realize that all of those pages are crafted beautifully in order to give the look u0026amp; feel better.
  • By the way, Grotte is completely responsive and works like a charm on any device.
  • A Brand New WooCommerce Feature: Buy For Me You know the classic “Send to A Friend” button, right? Now take that button and turn it.

Download Grotte – A Dedicated WooCommerce Theme here