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Materia - Responsive Admin Template by solutionportal

    HTML Version Demo Materia is an AngularJS admin app built on bootstrap 3.
  • 3 framework and uses material design framework.
  • It uses less css with bower dependency and grunt task runner for scripts.
  • You can use this as a starter template for web apps, dashboard etc.
  • The template is fully responsive and works best in all the devices.
  • Features Built with AngularJS and bootstrap 3.
  • 3 Saved State of themes and navigation One click horizontal nav Less CSS Dashboard widgets Bower and Grunt for easy dependency and automated tasks.
  • Form Components File Uploader Image Cropper Nested views using angular router Create chart using C3 and inline using sparkline Email App Working todo app Stylish Calendar App Lazy loading of scripts and templates.

Download Materia – Responsive Admin Template here