Notif – Email Notifications templates Download

Notif - Email Notifications templates by ExoticThemes

    Notif email templates for notification and transactional email-based communications.
  • Packed with – layout types, handy branding options, feedback alerts, divers content blocks and finger-friendly buttons.
  • Make your user experience seamless, even in the inbox.
  • Easily match your app, shop or online service style with one of the 12 flexible themes.
  • The sets cover: feedback emails, order confirmations, invoices, behavioral emails, messaging and conversation, announcements, welcome emails, subscription and promotional offers.
  • Spend less time testing and more designing! The templates use a hybrid layout, progressive enhancement and graceful degradations to ensure compatibility with over 60 apps and clients.
  • Popular clients incl.

Download Notif – Email Notifications templates here