Simple Clean Mail

Simple Clean Mail by nutzumi

    Template Builder by Campaign Monitor, MailChimp Compatible with FreshMail 99 html file 6 html file for Campaign Monitor (3 with image frame ready and 3 none image frame) 3 color scheme (Green, Blue, Brown) 16 layout style (with buttons and none buttons style html) 3 psd template (Green, Blue, Brown) fully editable with 2 layer comps Commented HTML Flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace) Compatible with WordPress plunin MyMail 06/05/2014 – V 1.
  • 4 Add 3 files support MailChimp Add 6 files support MyMail New document update 07/05/2013 – V 1.
  • 3 Add line-height to all content sections Adjust content text color 08/04/2013 – V 1.
  • 2 Add 3 more html file for Campaign Monitor (with image.

Download Simple Clean Mail here